E-Cycle Event Update

Just a quick update about the E-Cycle Event. When you come in to recycle your electronics, you must come into the teacher’s parking lot of the Port Washington High School. It will be the parking lot right across from the school when you come in. Thank you everyone who is participating!

A Work in Progress

Port PiraTech continues to work diligently towards their goal of a well functioning robot, creating a claw mechanism to pick up the ball, and a throwing mechanism, which is self explanatory. Here are some visuals:

Work Days: Week 2

          Port PiraTech has worked diligently over the past week putting together a prototype and deciding exactly what the robot would do in competition. The team has officially come to main priorities and are now designing the metal form of the robot in CAD.   Here are some pictures of the…

Robotics Recycling Event Information Here

Port PiraTech is hosting an electronics recycling drive for charity and as a fundraiser for our robotics team. All the information needed is in the link below.   http://portpiratech.com/?page_id=400   We would greatly appreciate your attendance and participation in our event.

Work Day 1/11/14

Our first Saturday work day since Kick-Off is almost complete. Many members of the different sub teams are still working away at their projects. Today, the manufacturing team and design team joined together to create our first prototype of the year. This prototype was crafted with various items, such as PBC piping, some wooden planks,…

Social Media Links

Port Piratech Robotics now has established official team pages on social media. Find us here! Twitter: @portpiratech YouTube: PortPiraTechMedia http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCW1Y28FJ_8FjpMGBDHv6Ruw Facebook: Port PiraTech – FRC Team 4804 https://www.facebook.com/PortPiratech

Work Day 1/8/14

With the arctic freeze passed over, the Port PiraTech Robotics team wasted no time in getting back together and beginning to design their robot. The team came to an almost unanimous decision to focus primarily around assisting other robots in their alliance, which allowed for the team to break into smaller groups and begin making…

2014 Robotics Competition Announced: Aerial Assist

Just a few moments ago, the challenge for the 2014 FIRST Robotics competition was announced. This competition, Aerial Assist, has combined multiple sports into one game, all while strongly encouraging teamwork through how the game is played. In Aerial Assist, the play area is divided into three equal zones, red, white and blue. The red…